As we live in more modern times, the rise in technology has had implications on almost every sector in the world! This is no different in the bathroom development area with many new creations now able to come to fruition due to this. This includes many new developments that can be added to your existing bathroom that you may not have known about, or some old favorites that have gone under renovation.

Shower Enclosures

The first two on this list are big rivals on how people in Britain shower, its either in a shower enclosure (what my Grandad has) or a shower bath (what I have). Even in our family, the differing methods are present. In the sense of a shower enclosure, this is a more modern approach to showering. These can be eye-catching as well as practical, and can be seen as the more popular of the two. The enclosures feature chrome handles and cover caps and can also be available with a sliding door, pivot door or double doors.

Shower Baths

Whereas shower baths are great if you have a little more time on your hands and decide to switch things up and bathe. However, you still require a shower if you are a little more on your toes and in a hurry. Having the best of both worlds could be a challenge if you are looking to install them separately. This is where a shower bath comes into play, as you can install a shower while still taking up the space of a bath.

Bathroom Shower Panels

The issue of excess water in bathrooms is always going to be at the forefront of maintaining your bathroom. This issue will never be one that goes away, but there are ways of severely limiting this by introducing bathroom shower panels. They help to prevent this issue by helping keep all of the water where it is meant to be, but also by keeping your privacy while showering. These are very easy to install, which makes the labor costs for this installation much lower than that of quality tiling.

Bathroom Radiators

Bathroom radiators should aim to take advantage of the invention of central heating. This helps your bathroom to be warm all the time, as no one wants to be walking into a cold bathroom on a wintery morning when having a bath/shower! Now there are bathroom radiators available that not only do the job, but also come in a variety of different styles to suit the theme of your bathroom.

Digital Bathroom Showers

The final product on this list is the one that describes this shift in technology the most, say hello to the remote controlled shower. This system allows you to get the perfect temperature of water before you even step in to avoid any nasty surprises. When the water has reached your required temperature, the remote control device will light up in order to let you know when it is ready.

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