A pencil for a carpenter is used mostly on construction sites. For example, carpenters, bricklayers, tilers, painters and concrete workers use the special crayon to draw on materials.

In many construction professions, the pencil of the carpenter, also known as the pencil of the carpenter, is standard equipment. The lead of a carpenter’s pencil is rectangular in contrast to conventional pencils. The various lateral lengths prevent it from breaking off.

Usually, a pencil of the carpenter is sharpened with a knife. But individual sharpeners are also available which facilitate work. In general, best carpenter pencils are sold unsharpened.

Carpentry pencils are plentifully available. They ‘re mostly sold out as a set. Increasingly the extra-large pencils are used on construction sites. But DIY-ers also finds the pens very useful. They also often serve as advertising media, since their area provides a relatively large amount of space.

The Best Carpenter Pencil Are:

1. Carpenter’s pencils (set of 3, unsharpened)Carpenter pencils

Hexagonal, gray, with a black immersion cap at the end.
Length 178 mm, diameter 7 mm, lead thickness 2 mm.
Quality pen made in Japan.

2. Red carpenter pencils (set of 3, unsharpened)Red carpenter's pencils

Hexagonal, red, with a black immersion cap at the end.
Length 178 mm, diameter 7 mm, lead thickness 2 mm.
Quality pen made in Japan.

3. EXPERT DRY marker pen


This pen has a black graphite lead and writes on almost every surface. With the automatic mine, at the push of a button, the mine is out or back into the protective housing. The lead, which is 2.8 mm thick and 125 mm long allows for thick or thin strokes. You can determine how thick the line should be, using the lead sharpener built into the clip.

The line is removable on smooth surfaces with a damp cloth. The EXPERT DRY pen is stored securely with a belt clip in the case and will not fall out when you bend down, as four locking points securely hold it.

4. Promecha mechanical pencil from OHTO

Mechanical pencil

This sleek mechanical pencil is perfect for drawing and writing. An eraser appears after the printing cylinder is lifted. You get to a reserve depot with two spare mines, if you take this out again. Standard equipped leads to 0.5 mm-aluminium housing.

5. EXPERT permanent marker


Sturdy to water! Excellent on smooth and rugged surfaces for marking. Quick-drying and retardant against flames. Without xylene and toluene.
Tip: Round, line thickness is 1.5 to 3 mm, depending on how you hold the pen.

Mark your worthwhile tool with your initials or your design owner ID! Excellent for the continuous marking of many objects, e.g. B. Tool. Tool. The paint is waterproof, fast-drying and sticks to nearly every material, without xylene and toluene.

General information about the carpenter’s pencil

Classic pencil for building site-The pencil of the classic carpenter has an oval or rectangular shape. That prevents rolling down of the pen. It is made of wood and comes in various lengths. HB lead is soft and has a rectangular shape as well. The different side lengths ensure the mine doesn’t break off.

The Multi-graph pen-Multi-graph pen is one of the best pencils for carpenters. This pen is equipped with a unique graphite lead, instead of a standard HB lead. That is also very well written on smooth surfaces such as glass, tiles and metal. The leads are available in various colors to ensure they can be applied to different colored surfaces.

The pencil of the carpenter in ballpoint pen format-The lead can be pushed in at the push of a button with these pencils. There is no need to sharpen more. The pen can be refilled with various refills and can be used over and over again.

What to consider when buying

Compare quality and prices-The many different carpenter pencils should be compared with each other before purchasing. Large packs often bring significant price advantages for companies and professional craftsmen, which is worthwhile. The web offers a wide selection and a good overview. It is advisable to read customer opinions from real buyers to be able better to assess the quality of the many different pens. Usually, these reflect a candid picture of the product concerned.

Carpenter’s pencil Advantages

The favourable carpenter pencil properties are set down below.

  • The special shape impedes rolling it down.
  • Different pens offering different leads.
  • Multi-graph pens are equipped with graphite lead (available in different colours).
  • Carpenter crayons can be used as a public space.
  • Offering advantageous economic packages.

Some tips and information to consider before buying:

Is the manufacturer of carpenter pencils, mainly popular-How is this brand established in the market?
How did carpenter pencil products end up in test magazines-is there a winner in carpenter pencil testing and a winner in price-performance?
How are the product reviews or expert opinions-both positive and negative ratings?

How far do the carpenter pencils differ in our carpenter pencil comparison placements-price, quality and consumer reviews?
Upon purchase contact person-does the manufacturer provide support?
Is there adequate product accessories which can be purchased later?


While you found the best carpenter pencil list, they can help with a lot of craftsmen work like mark drill holes, cut edges and make marks on many materials. You can choose between the pencil of the classic carpenter, the graphite-leaded multi-graph pen and the pen in a ballpoint pen format, with which the leads can be refilled.

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