Upcycling instead of recycling: moving with the times doesn’t have to mean throwing away everything old. Assuming the right idea and a little skill, inconspicuous leftovers quickly turn into useful items. For example, modern garden furniture with style does not always have to be expensive. They can also simply be reassembled from old wooden pallets. These instructions describe a simple way how you can make pallet furniture yourself.


How to play “from old to new” in as clever and funny a way as possible is a current trend in the DIY environment that is called upcycling. Here, new things are made from old objects that no longer have much in common with the original purpose. Wooden and Euro pallets are perhaps perfect transport aids for the industry. For private use, however, their possible uses are almost inexhaustible!

Would you like an example? Discarded pallets can be easily converted into wonderfully practical lounge furniture for the garden. They are not only chic and comfortable but also extremely environmentally conscious. How you can build such pallet furniture yourself is explained step by step in the following.


The tools and materials required to build a small garden couch are manageable. In the ideal case, a spirit level, folding rule, cordless screwdriver, drill, belt sander, foxtail (preferably electric), and a pen are used as aids.

In terms of material, three wooden pallets of the same size and some sandpaper are primarily required. A small supply of 20-25 cm long wood screws must also be kept ready. If necessary, castors of the right size can come in handy.


Smooth the pallet surface with a belt sander

Even if it is easy to build pallet furniture yourself, the preparation must still be right. So before the pallets are installed or painted, the surfaces should be sanded with a belt sander.

Then the gaps between the boards are freed from wood splinters with sandpaper. This preparatory work is essential because rough wood on the seat and armrests not only poses a risk of injury but is also sure to damage the upholstery later.


The lowest pallet is used as a seat without further processing. The two remaining pallets are sawn to size as backrests and armrests. To do this, the middle pieces of wood from the pallet must be removed so that only the outer edge remains on three sides.

Use a pen to mark the lines that should serve as a guide when sawing. After sawing with the foxtail, the sawn-out wood is taken out of the frame. What remains is the actual frame, which later takes over the function of the arm and backrest. Since a single pallet with a height of almost 20 cm offers too little support as a backrest, this work step is also carried out with the third pallet. So the height will be sufficient later for a comfortable seat.


Although two of the three pallets used are cut rather slowly, the later garden couch is still too heavy to carry. It is therefore advisable to screw castors or small wheels to the bottom of the lowest pallet in advance. Such roles are available in every hardware store. In this way, the construction gains height and is easy to slide back and forth even on uneven ground.

With the help of the folding rule, the rolls are evenly measured at the four lower corners of the floor pallet. Then they are attached with the most stable screws possible to guarantee the necessary strength.


After the castors have been attached, the two parts for the arm and backrests are screwed to the seat. The several remaining pallets are arranged exactly one above the other. Wood screws 20 to 25 cm long are used for screwing. They are long enough to connect two pallets firmly.

So that the cordless screwdriver is not overloaded during work, the holes for the screw connection are pre-drilled with a drill. A positive side effect is that the wood does not tear when the screws are screwed in. To finish off, suitable waste boards for the arm and backrests are sawn and screwed together.


In principle, nothing more is necessary to build pallet furniture yourself. The durability of the rustic garden furniture can, however, be extended by painting the wooden structure later with a protective glaze or wood paint.

Cushions are necessary for the soft, cozy sitting pleasure. They are offered in building and furniture stores. With a little more effort, however, very individual cushions can be made using foam rubber and old coffee sacks from the Internet. It shows: cool garden furniture for the pool and the seating area doesn’t have to be expensive!

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