Many of us have been shying away from extensive home renovations. But this is essential if we want a new furnishing for the living space. Fortunately, there are numerous simple ideas for freshening up the previous arrangement. Photo wallpaper for the bedroom, canopy over the bed, or a painted wall pattern?
The bedroom deserves a nice styling. When decorating and arranging the space, a simple room quickly turns into an ideal bedroom. There are more than enough ideas for freshening up – the choice of specific solutions is of course up to your taste and creativity. We looked at the quickest solutions, and below are the ones that got us excited right away. There is also something for you guaranteed!


Blackboard paint

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For a spectacular redesign, not every wall in the bedroom has to be painted. The solution is much simpler and more effective because less is often more. What could that be? There are many easy-to-find painting stencils on the Internet, the variety of which is astonishing. Architectural, vegetable, animal, and geometric patterns are available.

Regardless of the style of our apartment, a suitable motif would be relatively easy to choose. A great place for such a painting is the space above the head of the bed. A simple DIY solution is to conjure up the beautiful motifs using a paint roller with a pattern. In this way, other rooms in the apartment can also be decorated with different color variants.


Photo wallpaper

A lightning-fast solution for remodeling is a photo wallpaper for bedrooms. Assembly is easy and the wide choice of patterns will delight everyone – both modernists and traditional rooms. What should you pay particular attention to when choosing this solution? Especially the size of the room. In a large room, any pattern will look good. In a small room, on the other hand, a 3D photo wallpaper in the bedroom is best. Why? It visually enlarges the space by creating an illusion of depth.

Different landscapes or abstract, optically deceptive compositions are particularly suitable here. A second important aspect is the successful choice of the motif for a photo wallpaper is that it fits in with the furnishings of the bedroom and harmonizes well with it.



When furnishing an apartment, one should not forget that the devil is in the details. With the decorations and accessories, the previous arrangement can be freshened up in a flash. For the bedroom we have found the following proven ideas:

  • Typographic poster
  • Triptych

If we want to be excited about a transformation right away, we choose the effective and eye-catching typographic posters. One with a funny or uplifting label becomes the perfect recipe to start the day with positive energy. In the spacious bedroom, a triptych hung over the bed will look spectacular. Three canvas prints are a real hit. Let’s take a flower pattern in one of the most fashionable colors of this year: Classic Blue, Cloud Pink, or Mellow Yellow.


Closet with adhesive film

For several seasons, ecological solutions have enjoyed great popularity. How can these be used to freshen up our bedroom? The self-adhesive stickers that can be attached not only to the walls but also to all other smooth surfaces such as the front doors of the cupboards are an excellent idea. A really good idea for the absolutely new quality for a sliding wardrobe or a bedside table with night lamps. A geometric ornament in Art Deco style, a colorful mosaic, or a Victorian design? In this way, the facility can be completely redesigned without having to change the furniture.


It is clear that a photo wallpaper in the bedroom, refreshed furniture fronts or an interestingly painted wall can change a lot. But that’s not all!

Because textiles also deserve our attention. Perhaps we are used to our bedspreads, decorative pillows, carpets, or curtains and have forgotten that they can present themselves differently. But a change can also make a difference.

Very good results can be achieved, for example, with cheerful, yellow curtains, the carpet in the cloud pink color, or a bedspread with green tropical leaves. A canopy above the bed can catch the eye of lovers of romantic styling. And such a canopy is also very easy to make. We need the fabric we like and ideas from the Internet to drape the fabric.

We are sure that a solution can be found for you in a great variety of possibilities. Spring is coming very soon, so this is an ideal time to freshen up the long-unchanged look of the bedroom.

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