What sharp knives and good pots are to a cook are the right tools to the do-it-yourselfer. To get great results in home improvement, it is vital to have good quality tools. But tools are not always cheap! This is why many beginners ask themselves the question: What are the most important tools for a budding DIY enthusiast?


1. Hammer

The hammer is the symbol of the craftsman. That’s why it belongs in every toolbox. A hammer can not only drive nails into the wall, but it is also needed relatively often for assembly, chiseling, or as a power amplifier.

2. Screwdriver

Screwdrivers, also called screwdrivers, are tools that are widely used. There are screws everywhere in our apartments and devices that have to be loosened and re-tightened for repairs. A good toolbox, therefore, includes Phillips, slotted and Torx screwdrivers in different sizes.

3. Folding rule

A yardstick should not be missing in any workshop, because there is always something to measure. From the drilling to the wooden slat to ordering materials – exact dimensions are required everywhere to work efficiently. That’s why every craftsman always has a yardstick or at least a tape measure to hand when he is at work.

4. Wrench

The counterpart to the screwdrivers is the wrenches. Because just like screws, many nuts need to be loosened. Therefore, a set of open-end or ring spanners should not be missing in any basic range. Alternatively, a compact socket wrench set can be used.

5. Pliers and side cutters

Pliers and side cutters are particularly necessary for the electronics and sanitary sectors. Therefore, pipe wrenches, side cutters, needle-nose pliers, and combination pliers should be part of the tool. Besides, get a pair of nails pliers, and you are well equipped with pliers!

6. Saw

A do-it-yourselfer usually works a lot with wood, because the material is natural, inexpensive, easy to work with, and yet stable. There are many different saws on the market – apart from countless hand saws such as the foxtail. Over time, a handyman will likely not get by with just one saw. But with a jigsaw and a miter saw, a large part of the sawing work is already well covered.

7. Drill

The drill is probably the best-selling power tool in the home improvement sector. And rightly so! A drill is always needed, whether in wood or metalworking or construction. There are a lot of jobs that require a drill. It is only important that the drill has an impact device so that it can also be used universally.

8. Cordless screwdriver

The cordless screwdriver is the little brother of the drill. However, it is needed at least as often and should therefore not be missing in the range. A good cordless screwdriver is a great helper not only for screwing but also for drilling small holes.

9. Angle grinder

Thanks to the many attachments and discs that can be operated with an angle grinder, this tool is a real all-rounder. An angle grinder can be used to cut, grind or remove material; and that with stone, metal and wood!

10. Grinding machine

A grinding machine is used to renovate wooden surfaces. From the window to the garden fence, everyone has used wood as a material at home. And that has to be cared for and painted. To ensure that the new coat of paint lasts well, the old one needs to be sanded off thoroughly. This is where the grinding machines are used!


With our 10 most important tools for DIY enthusiasts listed above, a lot can be done at home. But as with any hobby, the demands on devices and equipment naturally continue to grow over the years. When expanding the tool, however, it primarily depends on the direction in which you want to specialize.

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